Start Event Name Locations Participants
Wed 19
3:45 pm KMS Photography Club Kulshan Library Conference Kulshan Middle School
3:45 pm OHS: BHS dance practice Options Gym Bellingham High School
3:45 pm SqHS Wrestling Practice Squalicum Mat Room Squalicum High School
3:50 pm KMS Woodwinds Club Kulshan Band Room 404 Kulshan Middle School
3:50 pm makerspace 101 & 102 Shuksan Classroom Shuksan Middle School
4:00 pm CS 215: SpEd (do not post) Central Services Conference Room 215 Central Services
4:00 pm CS: 200 HS Grading Practices Sub Committee - Qmlative Central Services Conference Room 200 Department, Teaching and Learning
4:00 pm Girls Volleyball practice Fairhaven Gymnasium: East
Fairhaven Gymnasium: West
Fairhaven Middle School
4:00 pm KMS Girls Volleyball Practice Kulshan North Gym
Kulshan South Gym
Kulshan Middle School
4:00 pm KMS QTs Club Kulshan Room 401 Kulshan Middle School
4:00 pm KMS Wrestling Practice Kulshan Commons Kulshan Middle School
4:00 pm Wrestling practice Fairhaven Commons Fairhaven Middle School
4:30 pm BASE Building Rep Meeting Squalicum Staff Lounge Squalicum High School
4:30 pm Girl Scout Troop Meeting Happy Valley Library Girl Scout Troop 41801
4:30 pm LAR - Girl Scout Troop 41601 Meeting BFPP Family Multi-purpose Room
GIrl Scouts Troop 41601
4:30 pm SQHS - WFC Ranger Soccer Practice Squalicum Facilities Main Turf Field WFC Rangers
4:30 pm Wrestling WMS@FMS Fairhaven Commons Whatcom Middle School
4:35 pm Sehome Dance Practice Sehome Auxiliary Gym Sehome High School
5:00 pm SMS - Warriors Youth Lacrosse practice Shuksan Grass Field Bellingham Warriors Youth Lacrosse
5:00 pm dinner program Shuksan Cafeteria Shuksan Middle School
5:30 pm BHS: Debate Club Bellingham 3rd Floor Lounge
Bellingham Room 306
Bellingham Room 307
Bellingham Room 308
Bellingham High School
5:30 pm Promise K Family Night Alderwood Elementary School Alderwood Elementary School
5:30 pm Robotics Sehome Commons Sehome High School
5:30 pm United Girls Wrestling - gym Shuksan Gym Shuksan Middle School
5:45 pm BHS - SWFC Soccer Game Bellingham Turf Field Select Washington Football Club
5:45 pm SMS - Parks and Recreation Adult Volleyball Shuksan Gym City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation
6:00 pm BHS: Boys BB Banquet Bellingham Staff Lounge
Bellingham Commons
Bellingham High School
6:00 pm COR - Anvil Basketball Open Gym (Ruiz) Cordata Gym Anvil Basketball Open Gym (Ruiz)
6:00 pm CS BR: School Board Meeting Central Services Board Room Department, Superintendent
6:00 pm FMS - Bellingham Pickleball Club Fairhaven Gymnasium: East Bellingham Pickleball Club