Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
BHS - Gymnasium Unavailable Bellingham Gym Bellingham High School
FMS - Roof Repairs: School Unavailable for use Fairhaven Middle School Fairhaven Middle School
OHS Building-Based PD Options High School Options High School
SL - Sunnyland Unavailable for Use: New Building Construction Sunnyland Elementary School Sunnyland Elementary School
12:00 am
3:00 am
3:30 am
SHS - Kindergarten/Promise K Teacher Event Sehome Theater Sehome High School
4:00 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
Drama Camp Squalicum Forum
Squalicum Commons
Squalicum Classrooms
Squalicum High School
YMCA Summer Use 2022 Carl Cozier Cafeteria
Carl Cozier Covered Play Shed
Carl Cozier Gym
7:30 am  
8:00 am
AVID training-library, library lab, 112 Shuksan Library
Shuksan Library Lab
Shuksan Classroom
Shuksan Middle School
CS 112 Interviews DNP District Office Conference Room 112 District Office
District Communications Retreat Options Room 213 Options High School
GC - YMCA Summer Break Use Gordon Carter Open Space YMCA
Meese setting up WEB - stage Shuksan Main Stage Shuksan Middle School
PAR: Nurse Team Back To School Meeting Parkview Library Parkview Elementary School
WMS Classrooms & Library - Para Institute Whatcom Classroom
Whatcom Library
Whatcom Middle School
8:30 am  
9:00 am
CS 114 CP Team Meeting DNP District Office Conference Room 114 District Office
Cheer Practice in Mat Room Sehome Gym Mat Room Sehome High School
9:30 am  
10:00 am
Executive Board Meeting Sehome Classroom Sehome High School
10:30 am  
11:00 am
CS 114 District Office DNP District Office Conference Room 114 District Office
CS Board Room Interviews DNP District Office Board Room District Office
11:30 am
12:00 pm
12:30 pm
1:00 pm
CS 212 DT&L District Office Conference Room 212 Department, Teaching and Learning
1:30 pm
CS 202-B Gordon Carter District Office Conference Room 202-A District Office
2:00 pm  
2:30 pm
BHS - Volleyball Try-Outs Options Gym Options High School
3:00 pm
DO 208 annex Year Start planning (DNP) District Office Room 208 Annex District Office
3:30 pm
SqHS Boys Tennis Practice--C Team & JV Squalicum Tennis Courts Squalicum High School
SqHS XC Practice Squalicum Facilities Main Turf Field/Track Squalicum High School
3:45 pm
SqHS Girls Swimming Practice Arne Hanna Aquatic Center Squalicum High School
4:00 pm
SqHS Girls Soccer Tryouts Squalicum Facilities Turf Soccer Field Squalicum High School
4:30 pm  
4:45 pm
SqHS Boys Tennis Practice--Varsity Squalicum Tennis Courts Squalicum High School
5:00 pm  
5:30 pm
Cozier incoming kindergartener playdate Carl Cozier Playground Carl Cozier Elementary School
6:00 pm
SqHS Softball Practice Squalicum Facilities Turf Fastpitch Field Squalicum High School
6:30 pm
11:30 pm