Event Name Locations Participants
All Day  
12:00 am
No School - Martin Luther King Day   All Schools
ALD - Gymnastics Rotation Alderwood Gym Alderwood Elementary School
Gymnastic Equipment No Gym Activities Roosevelt Gym Roosevelt Elementary School
NH - Gymnastics Rotation Northern Heights Gym Northern Heights Elementary School
WK - Gymnastics Rotation Wade King Gym Wade King Elementary School
12:30 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
CS 200:Auditors Central Services Conference Room 200 Central Services
7:30 am  
7:45 am
Beats a.m. Shuksan Cafeteria
Shuksan Gym
Shuksan Library
Shuksan Middle School
Choir - behind stage Shuksan Behind the Stage Shuksan Middle School
8:00 am
United Girls Wrestling - gym Shuksan Gym Shuksan Middle School
8:30 am  
9:00 am
Boys Basketball Practice Sehome Main Gymnasium Sehome High School
9:30 am
Tutoring (Do Not Post) Central Services Conference Room 215 Central Services
10:00 am  
10:30 am  
10:45 am
OHS: Senior AVID Field Trip Options Offsite Event Options High School
11:00 am  
11:30 am
Girls Basketball Clinic Sehome Main Gymnasium
Sehome Auxiliary Gym
Sehome High School
12:00 pm
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
Math Olympiad Club in Library Wade King Elementary School Wade King Elementary School
SIL: Dance Silver Beach Annex Gym Silver Beach Elementary School
SIL: Math competition practice Silver Beach Staff Room Silver Beach Elementary School
YMCA Silver Beach Big Gym Silver Beach Elementary School
YMCA After School Birchwood Cafeteria Birchwood Elementary School
3:00 pm  
3:30 pm
BHS: Spring Play Rehearsals Bellingham PAC Bellingham High School
BHS Basketball Bellingham Gym Bellingham High School
SqHS Practices (Boys and Girls Basketball) Squalicum Gym Squalicum High School
3:45 pm
OHS: BHS dance practice Options Gym Bellingham High School
SqHS Wrestling Practice Squalicum Mat Room Squalicum High School
4:00 pm  
4:30 pm
BHS: Gymnastics Bellingham Weight Room Bellingham High School
5:00 pm
BW - BW ZUMBA CLASS Birchwood Gym Birchwood Elementary School
Sehome Dance Practice Sehome Auxiliary Gym Sehome High School
dinner program Shuksan Cafeteria Shuksan Middle School
5:30 pm
BHS: Debate Club Bellingham 3rd Floor Lounge
Bellingham Room 306
Bellingham Room 307
Bellingham Room 308
Bellingham High School
Boys BB Games 5:40/715 Bellingham Gym Bellingham High School
Robotics Sehome Commons Sehome High School
6:00 pm
6:30 pm
7:00 pm
OHS: BHS Boy's Basketball Game Options Gym Options High School
SHS Choir Concert Sehome Theater Sehome High School
7:30 pm
11:30 pm