Start Event Name Locations Participants
Tue 18
4:00 pm KMS Girls Volleyball Practice Kulshan North Gym
Kulshan South Gym
Kulshan Middle School
4:00 pm KMS Wrestling Practice Kulshan Commons Kulshan Middle School
4:00 pm OHS: LETRS Unit 4 Training (PD) Options Room 140/CTE Options High School
4:00 pm Wrestling practice Fairhaven Commons Fairhaven Middle School
4:30 pm Dual Volleyball Meet - 7th Grade A Team FMS at WMS Whatcom Gym 1 Fairhaven Middle School
Whatcom Middle School
4:30 pm Dual Volleyball Meet - 7th Grade B Team SMS at KMS Kulshan North Gym Shuksan Middle School
Kulshan Middle School
5:00 pm BHS - NCA Soccer Training Bellingham Turf Field North County Alliance
5:00 pm Dual Credit Night Sehome Commons Sehome High School
5:00 pm SMS - Warriors Youth Lacrosse practice Shuksan Grass Field Bellingham Warriors Youth Lacrosse
5:00 pm SQHS - WFC Ranger Soccer Practice Squalicum Facilities Main Turf Field WFC Rangers
5:00 pm dinner program Shuksan Cafeteria Shuksan Middle School
5:30 pm ACT! Class Sunnyland Cafeteria
Sunnyland Gym
ACT! Actively Changing Together - YMCA
5:30 pm United Girls Wrestling - gym Shuksan Gym Shuksan Middle School
5:45 pm Adult computer classes - library lab Shuksan Library Lab Shuksan Middle School
5:45 pm SMS - Parks and Recreation Adult Volleyball Shuksan Gym City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation
6:00 pm BFPP - North County Alliance Soccer Practice BFPP Gym North County Alliance
6:00 pm COR - Bellingham Basketball Academy practice Cordata Gym Bellingham Basketball Academy
6:00 pm COZ - Puget Neighborhood Association General Meeting Carl Cozier Cafeteria Association Meeting
6:00 pm Cub Scouts Pack 19 Meetings Geneva Cafeteria Cub Scout Pack 4019 - Mount Baker Council
6:00 pm FMS - Bellingham Pickle ball Club Fairhaven Gymnasium: West Bellingham Pickleball Club
6:00 pm FMS - Mariner Basketball (Chahley) Fairhaven Gymnasium: East Mariners Grade 7 Girls Basketball (Chahley)
6:00 pm KMS - Whatcom Lakers Basketball Kulshan South Gym Whatcom Lakers Basketball
6:00 pm KMS Strengthening Families Kulshan Library
Kulshan Room 302
Kulshan Room 401
Kulshan Middle School
6:00 pm LOW - Bellingham Pickleball Club-Ericas Group Lowell Gym Bellingham Pickleball Club
6:00 pm SHS - Bellingham Pickleball Club Sehome Auxiliary Gym Bellingham Pickleball Club
6:00 pm Soccer Coaches Meeting Bellingham Staff Lounge Bellingham High School
6:00 pm WMS - Unified Basketball - Gaston Whatcom Gym 2 Whatcom Middle School
6:30 pm NH: PTA Meeting Northern Heights Elementary School Northern Heights Elementary School
6:30 pm WMS - SWFC Planning Meeting Whatcom Classroom Select Washington Football Club
7:00 pm BHS - RBC Practice Bellingham Shared Gym Space Raider Basketball Club